As a rule the taxis service in Morocco is widespread and reliable. Rules that you should always take into account: the price should be agreed before starting the journey and should be settled when you arrive at your destination. The terms of the “contract” should  be made clear and explicit: the journey you want to do, the place of destination (street, hotel, beach, etc.) the duration of the journey, etc..

Taking a taxi, instead of your car, to cross the Strait for a short visit to Morocco (5 days or less) is an advisable option. It will be more comfortable and you will be saving time and money, and it is especially recommended if you want to travel on certain difficult days (long week-ends, holidays and religious festivals).

Airports as well as ports are well served with taxis at any time, day or night. Whenever there is a demand (travelers) there will be a supply (taxis).

Taxis are very popular in the cities and tourist places. There are two types of taxi: the “Petit Taxi” which are very cheap (10 to 15 DH for a trip) and are authorized to operate only inside town. And the “Grand Taxi”  if you want to go to other towns (250 to 300 DH (0-25 euros) for 50 km. The prices will go up around 50% if you travel at night. You can also take the “collective taxi” with a capacity for 6 passengers plus a driver. They start their route at the taxi stop and the driver will pick up other passengers and let some off along the way. (Tangier – Asilah: 20DH (2 euros) per passenger.

On the days of greater demand (summer, religious festivals, etc.)  prices go up and it is on these occasions when you have to put into practice your bargaining skills.

The standard quality of these vehicles is similar to those in Spain, although you have to forget the air-conditioning; nonetheless, the driver´s kindness and the typical decoration of the vehicles more than make up for the lack of such apparatus.

And an ESSENTIAL piece of advice: There is a saying in Morocco that haste  kills. When you are agreeing on the terms of your journey emphasize that you are in no hurry at all and that you prefer, whenever it is possible, to travel on motorways. The driver will understand.


This is, besides taxis, the best choice when you want to move around Morocco and you only have a few days to do so. If you travel by plane, the airlines offer this service, at competitive prices, (from 30 euros a day) when you book the flight. The main car rental companies have offices at the airports. If you come to Morocco by ferry the best way is to come via Ceuta (Algiers-Ceuta) and hire a car at their Maritime Station.

We would not advise you to rent a car from not well known firms. If you decide to do this, get the collaboration of a Moroccan known to you who could negotiate the price, help you with formalities and explain the terms of the contract.

ESSENTIAL: Press the following link: driving in Morocco.


The train is a means of transport in constant growth due to the help of the Government. You should consider using the trains if you want to go to the major cities (Marrakes, Rabat, Casablanca or Fez). The train has many advantages to bear in mind: it provides night service between the remote major cities ( for example: between Asilah and Marrakes ), it is safe and economical enough (cheap) and it has a good information web-site (


Regular services exist only between the major cities, therefore it is necessary to change coaches when you want to go to less populated places. An example: if you want to go from Asilah to Chaouen, you take the Asilah´s coach to Tangiers, then the one from Tangiers to Tetuan and from here the one to Chaouen. This public transport is economical but it is not advisable for they have few services and the coaches are old and not too well maintained¡. Better get a taxi.