Citizens of the European Union should have a valid Passport and the expiry date should be three months at least. When you arrive or leave Morocco you should have to fill up a form which will be given to you when you buy the ferry tickets or on the ship or during the flight or at the airport, if you come by plane, or at the passport control. Occasionally and on certain ferry´s routes (from Tarifa to Tangiers) the Moroccan police to make things easier will stamp the passports during the journey in the ferry to Tangiers. If, when you get on board, you happen to see a queue inside the ferry, ask someone because, you can be sure, it is a queue to stamp your passport and do not forget to hand in the form dully filled out.

In your return journey you will have to fill out the form that will be given to you when you buy the ticket or when you exchange it for the boarding pass (ferry) and hand it in at passport control (in the port of Tangiers or in the border of Ceuta) or at the appropriate counter set up in the airport terminal.

At the border of Ceuta one has to ask for the form in the window where a civil servant (police) stamps the passports.


It is convenient to check the web pages of the embassies in order to find some useful information for the traveller and a list of consulates.