In the cities the tap water is chlorinated and, therefore, it is drinkable and has a pleasant flavor. On the   outskirts of the cities, in the kiosks on the beaches, in the roadside  restaurants or in the villages it will probably not be chlorinated. Therefore you should not consume drinks that are not bottled, nor eat products that are not sufficiently cooked, nor fine-skinned fruits (peaches, grapes, plums) avoiding all types of salads. Also, it is unadvisable to eat or drink milk products unless they have been manufactured with pasteurized milk.

The remarks of the Spanish Foreign Minister are interesting and to the point:” The health conditions in Morocco are generally correct. In the main cities, in an emergency you can go to private clinics where you will find excellent professionals, who have been trained in Spain or France. However, in smaller cities and generally in rural places, the health conditions are of a lower standard, with less equipment and the medical  personnel is poorly qualified. Only in an extreme emergency should you be hospitalized there. It is preferable, after taking advice from a doctor, to return to your country.

It is advisable to take the necessary hygiene precautions, especially regarding food (i,e, washing the fruit), drinks (bottled water outside the major cities) and accommodation. Therefore, mobile kiosks where food is served and those on the roadside should be avoided. In Summer, it is advisable not to eat salads and to take antidiarrhoea tables as a precaution against stomach upsets.