Moroccans are allowed to sell and drink alcohol. Nonetheless these activities are regulated by law and you can only buy and drink in the licensed establishments. That means that we must respect the rules of the game, avoiding drinking outside these premises and never drink in the streets. You can drink without any worrries wherever it is allowed... The Muslins like the rest of the citizens can buy alcohol in the authorized establishments and drink it in the bars and restaurants. They are not allowed to buy or drink alcohol during the month of the Ramadan and in certain religious festivities.

To limit alcohol consumption among the people, alcohol is heavily taxed which makes its final price quite expensive. This measure places this product out of reach of an average Moroccan citizen.

There is not an established norm about the severity of the enforcement of these rules. Where tourists live, it is rather easy to find places that sell alcohol and its consumption on the authorized terraces and restaurants is already accepted by the population: Asilah is an example of this. A completely different situation occurs in the holy cities or in the rural places or within the city´s medinas.

As there is not a sign in the restaurants and terraces informing us if the offer alcohol one should ask first. None will feel offended.

Morocco has several brands of beer - Casablanca and Flag- among others and a great variety of wines. These two brands are quite good and regarding the wines, nowadays they are working hard in improving their production techniques to elaborate a competitive wine. Today it is possible to enjoy some good  red and white wines. Let the expert advise you about the different wines to have.


People talk ironically about the drugs taking permissiveness in Morocco, especially the so called soft drugs, and perhaps it is true, but to be on the safe side we are reproducing what the Spanish Foreign Office says regarding this matter.  

RUGS: In Morocco possession of any type of drugs is penalized, even if it is for one´s own personal use, regardless of the penalties already established for drugs trafficking. The penalties for consumption can vary from one month to 5 years imprisonment, depending if one is reoffender  plus an administrative fine or 1,200HD plus another fine from the Customs administration, the amount of which vary according to the value of the drugs apprehended. For drugs trafficking the penalties can lead from 5 to 30 years imprisonment, according to the circumstances and whether the accused is reoffender or not, plus the fines mentioned above. Moroccan authorities usually demand full payment of the fines as a prerequisite to consider any requests for transfer of prisoners to Spain, in compliance with the current bilateral agreement