If you come to Morocco with your car, besides passport control, you will have to undertake an additional formality (that could take you up to one hour). When you get to the port of Tangiers or to the border of Ceuta, you´ll have to go to the DOUANE office (windows) and collect a three page form for your car, fill it in and hand it in, together with all the other vehicle´s papers. ALL of them, inclusive the insurance green card. There is another item of special interest. If the owner of the vehicle doesn´t travel with you it is of extreme importance that you bring with you a cession document duly validated by the Moroccan consulate or diplomatic representation. You should consult the nearest Moroccan consulate, where they will tell you of the procedures to follow. To help you with these procedures, the Moroccan customs administration have a web page from which you can get this form, which is in French, namedD 16 terwhich you could fill in at home and then hand it in at the DOUANE windows (office).

When you leave Morocco you have to hand in this form (two pages) and they will give you back a stamped one. If you are thinking of returning to Morocco with a vehicle it is advisable to keep this document safe.

The entry with a vehicle in Moroccan territory is registered in a personal police file. It is therefore advisable to leave with the same vehicle, unless you can justify with good reason why it remains in Morocco.

Occasionally this procedure, especially during the summer, can be carried out on the ferries at Tangiers, but there are not written rules to comply with.

As it happens in most customs there are some restrictions and limitations, in Morocco and in Spain, regarding the introduction of alcohol, tobacco or perfume, among other products. Inquire about all of this in advance so as to avoid greater inconveniences later on.

It is advisable to cross the border at Ceuta rather than at Tangiers as the procedures are carried out with greater speed especially since it came into service the new motorway to Asilah. Nonetheless you should avoid the rush hours of the working days: from Morocco to Ceuta first hours in the morning (8h to 11h); from Ceuta to Morocco last hours in the evening (17h to 20h).

If this is the first time that the owner of the vehicle comes into Morocco or if he has changed his passport when he reaches Tangiers they will have to write down in their data bases his new C:I.N. (your identification number in Morocco). Therefore do not be surprised when they send you to the Maritime Station on the upper floors.