The CLIMATE IN ASILAH. Because of its location Asilah has an enviable climate. The predominant winds from the Atlantic make very enjoyable summers

In our next weather connections we can learn about the weather forecasts for the city of Larache which has a similar climate to that of Asilah

The CLIMATE IN MOROCCOshows a marked contrast, especially in the summer, between the coastal areas and the interior ones, between the north and the south, the valleys and the mountains. As a rule winters are mild in most of the country, but summers are something else. While in the coast the heat of the season is tempered by the breeze of the sea, the temperature in the inland areas reaches a point when one must take them into account if planning to go on an outing. During the summer one should consult others before embarking in an adventure. In the next connection you will be able to know the forecast of Morocco main cities.