Assilah beaches


They are of spectacular beauty. To the north, there are few places around the world where you could enjoy 40 kms. of uninterrupted virgin beaches (from the pier of Asilah harbor, opposite the Al Alba hotel, to the Espatel Cape) of soft dunes and with a perfect access to them. To the south, the coast is dotted with charming beaches backed by cliffs, still unspoilt and undeveloped.

In the beaches of Asilah, even if it seems an obvious thing to say, you can dress exactly the same as you would in any European beach. When deciding what to wear, use your common sense. If it is a popular beach, with children and women, as a rule, you should not go top-less or wear risky designs; on the other hand, if the beach is secluded, quiet and less popular, you could go with fewer clothes but, without over doing it.

Our hotel Al Alba, is located opposite the beginning of the beach of Asilah, what is known as a second sea line, For additional information, with plans of the hotel location, go to the ACTIVITIES section.

Tthe beaches to the north and south of Asilah are quite  different. The ones to the north are huge with easy access. he ones to the south are backed by mountains with difficult access.


From the pier north of Asilah´s harbor (opposite the Al Alba hotel) almost Hercules Cave (near Espartel cape), you can enjoy an empty beach that extends 40 kms.. This beach is noted for its sand, clean water.and the absence of swimmers. It is an ideal beach for long walks and private swims.

It is easily accessible, as the national road N1 from Tangiers to Asilah, goes along the coastline, and there are lots of places to park the car. The various rivers that flow into the sea divide this long stretch of sand into three beaches. We will cover them from north to south.

1. BEACH OF TAHADDART (OR OF THE BOATS): It´s ten minute´s drive from Asilah. It takes the name from the rivers that flow to the sea. For two kilometers the river´s QUED TAHADDART bed goes parallel to the sea but it is separated by a narrow strip of sandy dunes. This characteristic makes it the ideal beach to go for a swim, as it is very safe; the water is less salty and warmer, which also favor the presence of pedal boats. On the other hand, as in the summer, this beach is not pounded continuously by the sea, the sand is not as clean as should be desired. As all the beaches, during the high season, is well supplied with deck chairs, beach umbrellas and kiosks where you can eat grilled fresh fish or tajine.  An advice valid to all the beaches: avoid eating uncooked products because the beaches lack drinkable water. On the other side of the river´s bed the beach goes on seemingly for miles, making it an ideal place for strolling.

2. BEACH OF BRIECH: The town of Briech, located about five minute´s drive from Asilah, has two urban centres, one next to the N1 Asilah-Tangiers, and the other next to the sea. An asphalt road that ends on the beach gives access to it. It´s open to the ocean and therefore there are lots of waves. It has the same quality of sand and the same level of cleanliness. Besides, it is the ideal place to watch the sunset, sitting on one of the many kiosks.

3. BEACH OF ASILAH: It is 5 Km. in length. It starts in the north pier of Asilah harbour, so there is no need to take the car to get there. During the months of July and August it is very crowded as the local people come to the first stretch, for a swim or to play football, a real passion for them, and therefore. If you go north, the crowds disappear. During this period there are lifeguards and a cleaning service. From September on the number of swimmers decreases and it becomes an ideal beach for strolling.

Asilah Playas


If we keep moving south along the coast, once we leave Asalah, the terrain changes sharply, it becomes wilder and the cliffs take the place of the white, sandy beaches described above. One has to travel 4 kilometres before finding the first accessible beach.

4. BEACH OF THE CAVES (OR DOVES´S CAVE): It´s located to the south of Asilah and you can gain acces to the beach by walking along the path that goes parallel to the coast (5 Km from the medina), or by car, or,for the jounger people, on top of a horse drawn cart. If you decide to take a vehicle you should be aware that the last two kilometers of the journey takes place over a dirt path, parts of which, in some places, are in a terrible condition.

To get to this beach from the AL Alba hotel you have to take the N1 road to Rabat and after 3.5 Km and in front of the aluminum factory, take the asphalt road on the right. After 1.5 Km on the right, a dirt path will take us, after 2 Km, to a parking place. From that place we could either walk down to the beach or drive the last kilometre right into the sand.

This beach is 2.5 Km long and it is sheltered to the north and to the south by cliffs. As with all beaches we have described, during the months when tourists come there are kiosks with deck chairs and parasols.  Because of its difficult access this beach is very quiet and fewer people.(See Album)

Asilah Playas

5. BEACH OF SIDI MUGAITS (OR OF THE SAINT): It´s located 10 Km south of Asilah. To get to this beach from the Al Alba hotel you have to take the road N1 to Rabat and after 3.5 Km and in front of the aluminum factory, take the asphalt road on the right. 6 Km away, and after having crossed the village of Demina, we come to a crossroads from which a path 4 Km, long and in bad condition, goes up a hill which will take us to a parking lot. Before embarking on such a journey we should consult the condition of the paths, because the rains could make them impassable to all vehicles except 4x4 ones.

It´s an spectacular beach; of  6.5 Km in length and much wider than most as it has been made by silt from the river Najla. It is the most quiet and peaceful of all the beaches.

Asilah Playas